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Lessons About Title Insurance That You Can Benefit From

There’s an ongoing debate about title insurance these days: some people think it’s not necessary, and some do. Title insurance policies cost money and  more often than not, property buyers opt not to get it to somehow lessen the amount of cash they need to spend.  To shed some light on the discussion, we came up with this article to help people know more about title insurance that way they can make a more informed decision about whether they should get it or not.

Through this article, we wish to put some emphasis on the importance of title insurance policies and how it benefits the different parties involved in the purchase of the property. While most people only see it as another expense, it’s actually an investment that can save them from the possibility of losing all those money they worked hard for, should any hidden issues and claims connected to the property arise in the future.

Here’s how having a title insurance policy benefits the following:

Jacksonville Title Insurance

The purchaser or buyer of the real estate

If there’s one thing that the buyer needs protection from, it’s the risk of financial loss caused by issues in the title of the purchased property. For a modest amount, the buyer is given protection from costs and legal expenses through a title insurance policy which is backed by the issuing title company.

A title insurance protection covers claims linked to the title property that may be discovered through public records or defects that were not included in the records (also known as non-recorded defects). Even with the most meticulous title search there’s still a huge risk that these problems will arise that’s why it’s best that the buyer is given protection through the title insurance policy. The heirs of the property will also benefit from the policy for as long as they remain the owners of the title.

The Lender

By securing a title insurance policy, the lender is protected from loss of security should there be any problem with the title of the property. The protection given to the lender will last for as long as the mortgage remains unsettled.

The Seller of the Property

Sellers who have an owner’s title insurance policy will always have the peace of mind that their property will remain marketable no matter what happens. Protection from financial issues is also given to the seller through the title insurance policy if ever a buyer suddenly decides not to push through with the purchase of the property. If the seller decides to give out warranties, he or she remains under the protection of the title insurance policy if the purchaser decides to sue because the warranties are breached.

The Real Estate Attorney

One of the common misconceptions that most people have is that the title insurance policy only protects the buyer, the lender, and the seller of the property. In fact, a title insurance policy gives a real estate attorney the confidence and the capacity a substantial amount of protection that’s absolutely impossible if he or she only has an attorney’s opinion.

The Real Estate Broker

If there’s one thing that both title insurance companies and real estate brokers strive hard for, it’s that all parties involved are satisfied before the closing of the transaction. When these things happen, the real estate broker is given credit for making sure that the clients are satisfied, which eventually translates to an increase in their number of customers.

The Home Builder

The title insurance assists home builders in the identification and evaluation of easements, restriction, disbursement of all construction funds, and the like.

Types of Title Insurance

There are two types of title insurance policy: the lender’s policy and the owner’s policy. The lender’s policy, commonly known as the loan policy, is a requirement that most lending and mortgage institutions give to people who want to borrow money from their company. Insurance of the lending company’s interest on the property is what’s being protected by the title insurance policy.

The owner’s policy, on the other hand, provides protection to the buyer of the property. A property purchase is an investment that also comes with titles and rights to ownership of that piece of land. It’s only fitting that a buyer purchases an owner’s policy because this will protect his or her rights as the owner of the property for as long as they, and their heirs, will maintain their interest and ownership of the property. If the heirs decide to sell the property, they will still be covered by the protection of the title insurance for as long as they are still the owners of the title.

The lender’s policy and the owner’s policy help lift some of the financial burden off the backs of both parties by settling legal fees and valid claims that are necessary in clearing hidden title issues. The risk of ownership is also protected by conducting an intensive title search before both policies are issued.

Title Insurance Company in Jacksonville, FL

Lenders, builders, homeowners, realtors, and first time property purchasers based in Jacksonville may approach Attorneys’ Title Services. This title company is committed to giving escrow services, closing services, and title insurance that will help all involved parties immensely as they go about the process of purchasing the property. Attorneys’ Title Services started as a lending and mortgage law firm that eventually bloomed into a national title provider. They are backed with years of experience in the industry and that speaks volumes about the quality of work that they have been giving to their clients.

Their team of title and closing agents can handle property transactions with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Their knowledge about laws and federal regulations gives them a keen eye when it comes to inspecting titles for defects and possible issues that may rise in the future. Attorneys’ Title Services can also issue a lender’s policy or owner’s policy that parties involved in the property transaction can benefit from.

Each state has federal regulations that change often and a different set of closing requirements that’s why Attorneys’ Title Services’ team of experts make it a point to stay updated so they can give their clients the right legal advice, and a chance to avoid possible legal issues. They also provide assistance to developers who find themselves overwhelmed with the tricky details of their construction projects to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

To make the closing process easy for the buyer, seller, and the lender, Attorneys’ Title Services expanded our services to different parts of the United States. We also made use of the latest developments in technology to make it easier for their clients to reach them. They have an online ordering system that keeps track and confirms the receipt of contracts and title orders within a span of 24 hours.

If you need our service, you may go to any of our three offices in the Jacksonville area. You can find our main office on San Jose Boulevard, while our other offices are in Ponte Vedra, FL, and Downtown Jacksonville. Our offices have enough parking space, and we make sure that our clients feel comfortable and secure during the discussion of the property transaction. Attorneys’ Title Services also has notaries, title agents, processors, and attorneys have licenses that are acknowledged in all twelve states.

To know more about our title services visit our office, we are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon if you wish to discuss things with us in person. You can also call us at (904) 260-4809.

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