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Tenant / Landlord lawyerWhether you are a developer, property owner, property manager, or all of the above, your priority is undoubtedly the highest, best and most remunerative use of your real estate. When it comes to protecting and enforcing your Florida property rights, Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC is a go-to member of your team.

We can help you manage every stage of landlord-tenant relationship from the initial tenant application process through every facet of the eviction lawsuit and execution proceedings. Whether you are a residential or a commercial landlord, Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC has you covered.

Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC offers a variety of advisory, transactional and advocacy services:

Compliance Strategy Consultations

We help our clients navigate the dos and don’ts of establishing a scalable system that brings in monthly rental income:

  • Tenant screening and rental application design
  • Compliance with federal and state housing authority regulations
  • Issues unique to mobile home park lot tenancies
  • How to handle tenant complaints
  • Dealing with rent withholding/escrow procedures
  • Termination of a tenancy when there is no written lease agreement

Lease Agreement Drafting

Unfortunately, many contracting parties rely on documents they have cobbled together themselves, borrowed from other transactions, or purchased from companies unfamiliar with State laws or the folkways of the local courts that may ultimately interpret the documents. Surprises ensue when parties treat lease agreements as mere formalities without ensuring that each word serves their best interests.

Despite certain “boilerplate” common to many lease agreements, lease agreements require customization to be effective. Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC can help you tailor your lease to allow for geographic concerns, option provisions, favorable renewal clauses, and other terms to help you maximize your profits. Given their typically longer length, commercial lease agreements in particular require careful attention to escalation or CPI adjustment clauses.

Other examples of provisions unique to commercial lease agreements can include language used to draft an enforceable personal guaranty. In a shopping mall, plaza or other multi-unit facility, you want exclusivity provisions that can withstand public policy challenges. In certain lease agreements, you may wish to include a provision to obtain injunctive relief in the event of a default. These are just some of the considerations through which the qualified landlord-tenant attorneys at Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC can help you work.

Lease Option Agreements and Lease-to-Own Purchase Agreements

Although a potentially beneficial way to sell property, these types of agreements are fraught with potential for litigation. A skilled landlord-tenant lawyer can structure deals and draft agreements that meet your objectives without unwittingly conveying ownership rights to tenants if they have not paid for them.


Whether you are facing non-payment of rent, default on other grounds or are defending a security deposit challenge, preparation is vital. Your case will require knowledge of Florida Statutes, the court system, the Florida Evidence Code and the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure to avail yourself of all available remedies and defenses.

When it comes to landlord-tenant law, the best defense is a good offense. Request a strategy session with Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC by calling (904) 260-0105 today.

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