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Why You Need A Good Real Estate Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

If you don’t want to be robbed out of house and home when selling your home or buying a residential or commercial property, you need to have a good Jacksonville, FL real estate lawyer on your team. Real estate lawyers know how to navigate around legal documents, real estate laws, purchase procedures, titles, and other steps involved in the process of purchasing properties. Part of the responsibilities of a real estate lawyer is to review and document real estate transactions such as leases, appraisals, inspections, and purchases. Aside from that, they also give legal advice whenever there are environmental issues and problems with the title insurance. Whenever there are problems encountered while purchasing real estate properties, these lawyers step in to file lawsuits and defend their clients in court. Real estate law firms all over the United States of America help lenders process and carry out foreclosure while others lend a hand to the borrowers.


Jacksonville Real Estate Attorney

Despite the benefits and protection from fraud that a Jacksonville real estate attorney can provide, there are still buyers and sellers who choose not to hire them because of they cannot afford the real estate attorney fees. However, their attempt to save more than spend more eventually goes down the drain once issues with the property they want to sell or purchase surfaces.

To know more about the importance of hiring real estate lawyers, we came up with a detailed list of their duties and responsibilities. Hopefully, these will help you answer the question, “Do I need a real estate attorney in Jacksonville, FL?”


Trust deed foreclosure and mortgage are just some of the specializations of real estate lawyers. They may opt to represent borrowers, or lenders, depending on who asks for their assistance. Real estate lawyers who represent lenders provide legal counsel to the lenders when it comes to the process of foreclosure, which includes going to the court to file a lawsuit. Borrowers who are represented by real estate lawyers are given tools on how to make the life of the foreclosing lender miserable by countering the errors made in the foreclosure process and by asking for negotiations so they can come up with a settlement agreement to hold and eventually stop the foreclosure process.

Document Drafting

This is one of the important roles of a real estate lawyer. They prepare the deeds that are needed for the conveyance transactions, rental and lease agreements, financing agreements, and purchase contracts. Clients may ask for help from the real estate agents to fill out these legal documents. When it comes to revising or drafting these documents, however, can only be done by licensed Jacksonville real estate lawyers, according to state law.

Transaction Review

In some cases, real estate lawyers only take part in providing legal advice and reviewing real estate transactions. Buyers and sellers meet face to face to negotiate, sign contracts, and when they’re done, they ask either the commercial real estate lawyer or the residential real estate lawyer to execute the “due diligence” on the agreement. “Due diligence” means that the real estate lawyer in Jacksonville will inspect the environment issues and reports, legal title issues, documents, and contracts that are part of the property transaction. Real estate lawyers are trained to easily spot title issues that are not familiar to their clients. Assuming this role means that the real estate lawyer functions as a guardian for their clients, to make sure that they don’t fall into any trap.


Since real estate lawyers have years of experience in dealing with all types and forms of real estate transactions, they are often asked by their clients to negotiate the fair terms and conditions of their real estate deals. This means hours, days, weeks, and months of working and partnering with investors, developers, brokers, and other lawyers.


Unfortunately, not all real estate transactions end well and when this happens, lawsuits are filed and the court is involved. During a real estate litigation, buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers are represented by a real estate lawyer. Producing legal pleadings, filing appeals, and participating in trials and hearings are some of the tasks that a real estate lawyer does during litigation. If necessary, working out settlement agreements and bargaining become part of the package.

Hiring a local real estate lawyer is an investment. Yes, their services are expensive, but they’re worth every dollar you spend since they will do everything they can to keep you out of trouble.

Some of the most sought after real estate lawyers can be found in Jacksonville, Florida. They are part of Attorneys’ Title Services, a commercial and residential real estate settlement services provider. They offer closing, escrow, and title insurance services to lenders, developers, home buyers, and realtors. They have a team of closing and title agents whose license are acknowledged in all twelve states of USA and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The unique approach of the real estate lawyers at Attorneys’ Title Services of Jacksonville makes them one of the best lawyers in the country. They started as a mortgage and lending law firm. As years went on, they because national title providers who are experts in providing escrow services, inspecting titles for possible issues, and providing title insurance to their clients. Keeping up with the changes in federal regulations and closing requirements that also vary from each state is not an issue for the lawyers at Attorneys’ Title Services since they make sure that they are always updated with these things.

Putting premium on the importance of making information accessible to their clients, Attorneys’ Title Services a title company in Jacksonville, FL widened their geographic reach and maximized the use of various technological advances. All their clients need to do, is use these venues to do their research in order for them to know more about the transactions, requirements, procedures, and documents.

Their rates are reasonable and their services are exceptional. If you want to know more about the products and services that they offer, feel free calling them at (904) 260-4809 or sending them an email at contact@attorneystitleservices.net. You may also ask for a face to face meeting by going to their office at 12428 San Jose Boulevard # 1, Jacksonville, Florida 32223.

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