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While most firms took the leap as national title providers in a heartbeat, our firm took its sweet time and patiently waited for it to naturally transition from being a mortgage and lending law firm. Our legal background gives us the credibility and authority in creating a real estate contract, purchase agreement, quit claim deeds, quiet title, purchase and sale contract, easements, and other contract preparation. Our years of experience have given us the dexterity in navigating around legal and real estate documents, making it effortless for us to spot title defects and issues such as encroachment on a fence. We also took it upon ourselves to get updates on the ever-changing federal regulations, and different closing requirements for every state. We believe that it is our duty to provide quality and efficient service to our clients that’s why we make it a point to work hand in hand with them as they process all the necessary documents before purchasing a residential or commercial property.Jacksonville Real Estate Contract

 Can You Handle the Sale of My Property?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask us and our answer has always been yes. We have the skills needed to handle property sales and no amount of issue or complication will scare us. We know what we’re doing, we know the ins and outs of this industry, and we are committed to coming up with a deal that will satisfy all parties involved. Not to mention, we will do everything within our power to make sure that no issue concerning the property will arise in the future.

Can You Prepare A Deed And Handle the Closing for Us?

This is another question that we’re commonly asked and just like the one mentioned above, our answer has always been yes. We can prepare a deed that’s amicable to all parties involved and we are more than willing to handle the closing process for our clients. It’s part of our commitment as a company and that is exactly what we are willing to give to our clients. We have a different approach in providing titles and settlements to our clients and that is the use of technology. With the Internet and various social media platforms that allow people to connect with each other despite differences in time zones and zip codes, we figured that maximizing the power of the Internet will allow us to expand our geographic reach. This also means efficiency in communicating with our clients and in dealing with real estate transactions.

There are so many different reasons behind a person’s decision to sell their property – it may be because they are drowning under a huge pile of debt and the only way that they can free themselves is by selling the property. If this is the reason why a property is being sold, we know immediately that the owner wants to find a buyer who has the capacity to pay cash, is quick in making decisions, and is dead serious about making the purchase. If the owner’s reason for selling is because he or she has decided to migrate to another country, we know that the need to sell the property is not that urgent and we can take our sweet time in looking for someone who is willing to purchase the property at the price that the owner wants.

When people ask us if we can handle the sale of their property, the answer is an absolute yes. Moreover, since Attorneys’ Title Services is all about providing quality titling services to the citizens of Jacksonville, we also take things up a notch and do some research on the title of the property that’s being sold. By doing this, we become aware of the threats and issues that the title of the property is facing. Catching these things at an early stage means being able to fix problems and prevent further complications once the title is transferred to the new owner of the property.

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